Shapes move against the setting sun, cast in silhouette by orange light. I walk over barren land, rust-red earth reflecting the heat of the dying sun. The shapes never get any closer, no matter how fast or slow I walk. They begin to dance to the beat of my heart, moving with a slow rhythm […]

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Blink and you’ll miss it, they say. Well, I blinked. Turns out I did miss it. I missed you. All I saw was your shadow as you walked away, your silhouette as the sun set on my day. Lesson: don’t blink.

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Rainbow fuzz dazzles my vision. The screen is dead. Still. Static. She sits down beside me. “Are you going to bed now?” I shake my head. Her hands clasp on her lap. “Trinny…the pictures are gone…” They still turn inside my head, in the part of my mind that can’t stop seeing. She gets up. […]

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Despite the blue sky, darkness fills me. It should be raining. Dark clouds should be crying their misery. If this were a novel, that’s what it would be like. If I were writing this, that’s what I would write. You follow me. Do you know I know? You have to know. You’re in my shadow. […]

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Welcome to the experimental side of my writing This blog has been sitting around for 6 months now, doing nothing. So, I wondered, how can I make use of it? 🤔 And then I wondered, how can I show a more daring, a side of me that’s less of a perfectionist? Where can I post […]

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