Making my way around your edges Blindly rounding corners Navigating strange shapes and turns I walk into hard black walls Find dead-ends and false turns Stop, have to work out where I am again in the maze Life, you are a complicated twist of confusion A maze of questions, rarely any answers And in the... Continue Reading →


Frame It

Laughter rang out into the room. "It's an empty frame!" "I know," she grinned. "Why is it on the wall?" "Inspiration?" "For what?" "Anything." Her eyes shone with her dreams. "Everything." He raised an eyebrow. "I still dream," she said, and the atmosphere lost its lighthearted tone. He put his arm around her shoulders, and... Continue Reading →

War & Peace

It was only when the bombs stopped falling, and sad silence trailed in its wake, that she knew she was one of the lucky ones. Standing among the desolation, rubble and ruins, gratitude filled the air as person after person emerged in the clearing smoke. She had survived the war. Now she had to survive... Continue Reading →


Your fingers dance across black and white keys Charming colour into sound I hum along to the tune My soul dancing to your rhythm. Day 34 of 365 Creative Writing Prompts


I watch you as you stand, caught in the moment between apprehension, expectation, and relief, excitement. The sun falls on you, making your blonde hair shine in a way that gives you a sheen of life. Your wide-brimmed hat casts a light shadow over your closed eyes. For the blink of an eye, you look... Continue Reading →


Please, don't fly Stay, speak Tell me of your history Please, don't go Revive me With your happiness Pleasant were the days When as children we Chased the butterfly I ran, leaped, Followed But she, my love, Feared to touch its wings Day 32 of 365 Creative Writing Prompts Adapted from "To a Butterfly" by... Continue Reading →

Never Forget

Books lining shelves Laptop keys clicking Coffee cups resting on tables Hushed atmosphere Whispered giggles A moment in time never forgotten Day 31 of 365 Creative Writing Prompts


Her head rested in her hands. The number on the calculator screen glared at her, innocuous and yet excruciating. Her daughter laughed in delight at the TV blaring at her back. Innocent. Unknowing. Carly pored over the receipts again, eyes scanning for anything that could be replaced, anything that could be bought cheaper, could be... Continue Reading →


The sun glinted though the window, catching the edges of the dreamcatcher that hung above the sleeping figure. Her chest rose and fell with ragged breath, eyes twitching in the rhythm of her dreams. He watched her over the top of his book. There was nothing he could do for her. Nothing his willpower, his... Continue Reading →

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