Astral: Premonition

I fell to the ground as the blast hit the ship. “Fire the hell back!”

The Martian ship blocked most of the stars out, the radar sacrificed for a better view of the enemy. Its guns glow as another blast flies from it and into Astral.

“We can’t take much more,” Geo warned.

I didn’t need a premonition to see that. I pushed myself to my feet, jaw clenched. “Gather every inch of power we have, and fire up the main gun.”

Her eyes widened, the colour of the fabled summer sky. I’m never gonna see it. Her eyes are the closest I’ll get.

“You heard me. Fire it up. It’s our one chance. The minute it fires push all power to the engines and while they’re working out which side their ass is, we move, we get away. Got it?”

She knows not to argue, though there was a fight marring the purity of her eyes. “Got it.” She flicked several buttons and relayed my order.

There was a moment of silence, a moment where all possibilities hung in the air.

Then the main gun fired. A laser streak burned my eyes, every shade of blue and green swirling together in a stream of deadly power. It hit the Martian ship, and I got a glimpse of a red and green explosion before the ship blurred and we beat a hasty retreat.

A siren whirred somewhere on the ship. Geo glared at me, along with Kleo and Armand. I smiled. “Well, another one survived.”

Didn’t know what it was about to lead to though.



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