Astral: Dim

The siren stopped abruptly, and Kleo’s voice crackled over the internal radio. “We’ve blown an engine. We can limp along, but you won’t be pulling that trick again.”

Geo was still glaring at me.

“Damn. How long can she hold before dock?”

“Not long. And that’s just the worst of the damage.”

I groaned, falling back into my seat.

“Heading, Captain?” Geo asked, looking over her shoulder, eyes wide. There was a superior look there, I was sure.

“How close is the nearest dock? Where we’re not ‘wanted’?” I know when I’m beaten.

“Two days at current speed.”


“She can make it. Just.”

I gritted my teeth, and hit the arms of my chair. “Set a course.”

Geo tapped the console, and I felt the subtle shift of direction.

I shouldn’t be able to feel that.

We drifted for a while, and I dozed in my chair again. Until someone poked me in the arm.

I opened my eyes. Something was wrong. “What?”

Geo’s shadowed face stared at me with a flat expression, as if I was missing something obvious.


She sighed, hands dropping to her sides. “The lights.”

Oh, right! The bridge lights were dim. “Why have you done that?”

“Why would I?”

“Something’s happened to the ship?”

“You need to get more sleep, Captain.”

Crap. I mean, she’s right. But crap.


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  1. Lots packed into a little story! I was following it until mention of the lights… Which I don’t understand the relevancy. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this. I love space stories, especially when they’re more relatable and character-driven.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wasn’t sure if they were simply the ship lights, or lights from without the ship. If they were the former, that’s kind of a normal occurrence especially after battle, so I didn’t see any significance. Maybe just a little tweaking to bring more attention and forboding to them. (And I need to start from the beginning, so maybe I missed something…)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah, thanks for explaining. I’ll make a note of it for editing. 🙂 You didn’t miss anything significant to the lights, but feel free to read. 🙂


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